Executive Leadership

The Teaching Schools Council in the West Midlands region is supporting the design and piloting of a number of Leadership Development programmes. Here you will find information about two of them for:

  • Executive Headteachers (Principals, CEOs etc)
  • 'Accelerated' Headteachers i.e acting or substantive Heads thrust into the role at little notice

There is, of course, existing training provision for heads and executive heads. These specific regional programmes are intended to be different; they have been designed collaboratively with heads in the region to have the following key features:

  • Recognition of the substantial but variable experience of the participants
  • Matching content and process to participants’ needs (issues faced in these roles)
  • Consistency of content and process with the authoritative evidence of effective practice in professional and leadership development
  • Extensive use of peer support/coaching to recognise that the participants are contributors not just passive recipients
  • An engaging, motivating and challenging process – generating outputs which support both self and programme evaluation

Apply for a place

The TSC are now able to offer up to 16 places on each of these programmes which are FREE to participants during this pilot phase.

For more information click on the relevant link below.

To apply, either:

click on the appropriate link which takes you to a page with more information and link to the Eventbrite to sign up:

or email pearce.brannigan@curee.co.uk saying which of the two programmes you are interested in (some school networks block access to Eventbrite)

Further information

Follow the links below for more information about the programme practicalities and the rationale

If you have any queries please contact  paul.crisp@curee.co.uk or pearce.brannigan@curee.co.uk