Senior Leadership - NPQSL

The NPQ programmes have now been updated and NPQSL is appropriate for existing and aspirant Senior Leaders.

Some areas currently have fully DfE funded programmes.  Your chosen provider will do this for you.  

A map of the category 5 and 6 areas, as well as opportunity areas, where funding  is available can be found here.

DfE licensed providers for NPQSL can be found here. This also provides information on the programme content and outcomes,


Best Practice Network

Outstanding Leaders

Leadership Live

University of Wolverhampton

Windsor Academy Trust

Worcestershire Global Leadership Academy

Alliance of Leading Learning



These courses are also funded currently in category 5 and 6 schools and opportunity areas.

Please see the link in the NPQSL section above for the map of these areas to see if you qualify for full funding. Your training provider will sort the scholarship funding for you.

Please also see the link in the section above to the DfE website to source providers.

Additionally regionally:

Best Practice Network